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Bowel conditioner

Oropharma Oro-Digest is an intestinal conditioner. This product prevents pathogenic bacteria from settling in the intestine, improves the consistency of the faeces, promotes hygienic nesting and prevents the cloaca feathers from sticking together. Oro-Digest serves as a prebiotic or food for the benign intestinal flora and at the same time ensures that the pathogenic bacteria can no longer adhere to the intestinal wall, so that the natural intestinal flora can recover and digestion goes back to normal. The added probiotics help to suppress the pathogenic germs and stimulate the growth of positive germs and bacteria.

  • Ideal for digestive problems and watery faeces
  • Promotes hygienic nesting and can also be given preventively
  • Best to combine with Oropharma Probi-Zyme for optimal results

Versele - Laga Oro-Digest

SKU: 21120
13,95 €Price
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