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NEKTON-S contains all essential vitamins and is also enriched with amino acids, minerals and trace elements. An undersupply of vitamins (hypovitaminosis) is hardly noticeable in the bird, but if it lasts for a long time it leads to considerable damage to health and even to premature loss of the animal. Approx. 90% of all diseases in birds are caused by inadequate feeding.

NEKTON-S supports the metabolic processes in the bird's organism and significantly increases the usability of all absorbed nutrients. NEKTON-S has been used with great success worldwide in zoos, animal parks, by breeders and by private animal owners for over 35 years. NEKTON-S is administered daily through the drinking water and is very popular with birds.

Ideal in combination with NEKTON-MSA (mineral preparation) and NEKTON-E (for breeding).

Nekton - S

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