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NEKTON-E is a feed supplement that consists of the biologically effective and durable vitamin E component alpha-tocopherol.

NEKTON-E favors the protection of the cell membrane, the detoxification of metabolic products, hormone formation and the function of the muscles. In addition, NEKTON-E primarily improves the fertility of the animals, the survival rate of the embryos and the viability of the hatched pups. NEKTON-E also promotes the entire cell metabolism, antibody formation, increase of the immune system and thus has a positive effect on the immune status of the organism. NEKTON-E supplements the low vitamin E content in the feed and covers the animals' needs with this nutrient that is so important for the body. NEKTON-E is soluble in cold water and is administered daily with the drinking water or mixed with the soft food. Ideal in combination with NEKTON-S and NEKTON-MSA.

Nekton - E

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