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Liver tonic

Oropharma Avi-Chol is a food supplement for birds for optimal liver function and a good moult. It is a liver tonic based on sulfur-containing amino acids, biotin, sorbitol and vitamin B12. Avi-Chol promotes optimal growth, perfect feathering and pigmentation in young birds and perfect feathering and pigmentation in birds during moulting. This product also improves the elimination of breakdowns, color pigments and drugs. Avi-Chol contains the necessary active ingredients (methionine, choline, biotin, vitamin B12 and sorbitol) for optimal liver function, resulting in perfect feather formation and pigmentation.


Improves liver function through faster elimination of waste products

Promotes perfect feathering and pigmentation during the moult

Versele Laga Avi-Chol

SKU: 1585
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