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Orlux eggfood for native forest birds

Eggfood is essential during breeding, but is also a source of additional nutrients for the rest of the year. Enriched with wild seeds, maggots and gammarus as an extra source of animal protein. Complete intake thanks to its delicious taste and structure, tailored to the species of bird. Enriched with additional lysine and methionine for optimal growth and the best feather structure.


During the rearing period and moulting, apply daily as desired, after three times a week. Renew daily.


It is best to moisten these products with sprouted seeds, a few drops of water, grated fruit and / or vegetables.


Bakery products, eggs and egg products, vegetable protein extracts, seeds (wild seeds 7%), sugar, insects, molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats, cereals, minerals, honey, FOS, MOS

Orlux forest birds eggfood

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